Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits By Sean Burke on November 28, 2013

Dog Bite Injury LawsuitsDogs are some of the finest companions as far as pets are concerned. They are very loyal and fun for adults and children to play with. Yet this is a broad generalization. There are many aggressive dogs out there and cases in which dog attacks and dog bites may occur. When another person's dog bites or attacks you or a loved one, it's important that the dog's owner be held accountable if the incident could have been avoided through common sense and basic concerns for safety.

Our personal injury attorneys would like to consider the nature of dog bites and dog attacks and why these sorts of cases should be taken so seriously. You may be surprised to hear about how tragic these kinds of cases may be.

About Dog Bite and Attack Injuries

In essence, dog bites and dog attacks can occur anywhere that dogs are. This means in parks, at designated dog areas within parks, at the beach, or even just around the neighborhood. Injuries often include punctures, lacerations, and contusions, though severe dog attacks can lead to major injuries, severe trauma, and even fractured bones.

Common Reasons for Dog Attacks and Dog Bites

Some of the most common reasons for dog bites and dog attacks include:

  • Dog not on a leash
  • No muzzle on the dog
  • Inattentive owners
  • Rabies
  • Aggression of the animal

Aggressive Dog Breeds

A number of dog breeds are often aggressive. It should be noted that these traits tend to be exacerbated by environmental factors, such as abusive or negligent owners. It's a good idea to keep these breeds in mind since they are often involved in dog attacks:

  • Pit bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Doberman pinschers
  • Chow chows
  • Huskies

While the above are large dogs, keep in mind that small dogs can also attack and harm people and can also act aggressive even when not provoked.

The Severity of Dog Attack Injuries

We mentioned above that dog attacks can result in severe injuries. Beyond the bites and cuts that can occur, there's also the risk of rabies infection. If you are attacked by a rabid dog, it's important that you be treated right away so that the rabies can be controlled as soon as possible.

There are also matters of deformity and disfigurement to keep in mind. If the dog bites or attacks the face of a person, this can lead to major trauma that requires reconstructive surgery to address. Sometimes multiple surgeries are necessary to restore the appearance of a person's facial features.

Some attacks by dogs are so severe that the injuries can prove fatal. This is particularly true when a large and aggressive dog causes major blood loss. In the case of a fatal dog attacks, our wrongful death attorneys will work diligently to ensure that the owner is brought to justice for his or her irresponsibility.

How Our Legal Team Will Help You

Our lawyers will examine all facets of your case and consider all available evidence as well. Once this is done, we will then seek compensation from the negligent owner while you concentrate on healing and recovery.

Learn More About Personal Injury Law

For more information about dog bite and dog attack lawsuits and the many other kinds of serious injury lawsuits out there, contact our Irvine personal injury lawyers today. Our team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best results regarding all legal matters.

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