Defective Toys Can Lead to Child Injuries By Sean Burke on September 27, 2014

A father holding his son in the swimming poolNo one wants to experience the pain, emotional trauma, or financial strain of a serious injury. However, the one thing that may be worse than a personal injury is seeing one you love, especially a child, suffering through an injury. Defective products are a leading cause of child injury and are the responsibility of the toy manufacturer, distributor, or supplier. Attorney Sean M. Burke and his legal team are experienced in defective product cases and will fight to collect due compensation for our Orange County clients who have been the victims of defective toys.

Dangers of Defective Toys

As product manufacturers, companies have a legal responsibility to provide products that work in the way they are meant to operate without causing harm or injury to the consumer. It is especially important that manufacturers of children’s toys take these responsibilities seriously, as children are more inclined to use toys improperly, place toys and objects in the mouth, and less likely to notice if a product is functioning suspiciously. When a child’s toy is defective, it has the potential to cause serious harm and may result in any of the following types of injury:

  • Choking or suffocating
  • Serious cuts or abrasions
  • Burns
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

Determining Fault

If a child is injured due to a defective toy or children’s product, the manufacturer, distributor, or supplier may be held accountable. There are a number of different ways in which toys can become defective. They may be manufactured with a flaw, they may be damaged in the process of distribution, or they may be stored and cared for improperly by the supplier. Additionally, toy defects do not just include a malfunction of the product. Manufacturers can also be held accountable if a product fails to have proper warning labels or if its use and function was misrepresented. Each of these occurrences can put a child at risk for injury. As an attorney experienced in product liability cases, Sean Burke can examine all the details of your case to determine fault so that financial compensation can be sought from the responsible party or parties. In order to create the best case possible, it is important to retain the defective product as evidence. Clients should not attempt to repair the product, return the product, or throw the product away.

What Are My Rights?

If your child has been injured as the result of a defective toy, you have a legal right to seek financial compensation. In many cases, these injuries involve costly medical bills, the need to take time off work in order to care for the child, and emotional strain from seeing your child suffer. Sean Burke and his legal team will work toward collecting compensation for all of these damages.

Contact Us

Sean M. Burke and his team represent the rights of clients from Orange County and surrounding areas of Southern California. If you or a loved one as suffered an injury at the hands of a defective product or the negligent actions of another party, we can help you collect due financial compensation. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of your case and learn your legal rights.

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