The Dangers of Truck Accidents Involving Improperly Loaded Cargo By Sean Burke on November 19, 2014

Overturned cargo truck on the side of the roadEvery day, people are injured in car or truck accidents through no fault of their own. Reckless and/or negligent driving put everyone on the road at risk. The problem is that auto accidents have such a high potential for injury and damage, so that when an accident does occur, the repercussions are likely to be severe. This is especially true in the case of trucking accidents, which involve extremely large and heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, trucking accidents may be caused not only by poor driving practices, but also poor decisions on the part of the driver and/or trucking company. Many accidents are caused each year by trucks that are improperly loaded. By failing to adhere to federal guidelines regarding cargo loads, truck drivers and trucking companies increase the risk of trucking accidents. For those in Orange County who have been involved in truck accidents with improperly loaded cargo, attorney Sean M. Burke can help collect fair compensation for damages suffered.

Consequences of Improperly Loaded Cargo

There are rules and regulations set out for trucking companies regarding the amount of cargo that can be carried by a truck and how that cargo needs to be secured. These regulations are set out for the safety of everyone on the road. Improperly loaded cargo can actually have very serious consequences and has been shown to increase the risk of truck accidents. There are two main concerns with overly or improperly loaded cargo: the first is an increased risk of jackknifing or overturning and the second is the risk of falling objects.

  • Jackknifing and overturning: Trucks are already at an increased risk of jackknifing or overturning due to the uneven distribution of their weight. A vehicle that has been overloaded with cargo or one in which that cargo is loaded improperly further exaggerates the top-heavy nature of a truck, making it even easier for a jackknife or overturn to occur, especially when the vehicle is going around sharp corners in the road.
  • Falling objects: Another concern of overly or improperly loaded cargo is falling objects. If objects are not loaded or secured properly, things are likely to shift and may even fall off the truck, into the road. These objects are a major potential for danger and could fall directly into another vehicle, create visual and/or physical disturbances in the road, or require drivers to make hasty and unsafe driving maneuvers in order to avoid collision with these objects.

Financial Compensation

Drivers who have been injured in a trucking accident involving improperly loaded cargo do have a legal right to seek financial compensation for damages suffered. If a truck driver or the trucking company failed to adhere to federal regulations regarding cargo loads, they may be held responsible for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Sean M. Burke and his team are happy to work with clients toward the collection of maximum financial compensation for these damages.

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