The Dangers of High-impact Auto Accidents on Highways By Sean Burke on March 02, 2015

Heavy traffic on a highwayIn many ways, highway driving is more relaxing and simple than driving in the city. Long stretches of straight road do not require the sort of maneuvering or attention often required in other areas of traffic. However, for these very reasons, highways can also be all the more dangerous, as high-speed auto accidents pose significantly more severe injuries and higher rates of fatality.

If you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to a highway accident, don’t hesitate to seek full compensation for damages. Our Orange County law office is ready to assist you at every step of the way, from the initial crash to your ultimate legal recompense. 

The Dangers of Highway Driving

Newer drivers may view highway driving as daunting due to its high speeds and multiple lanes, while veteran drivers often view it as monotonous. Perhaps if everyone maintained a sense of caution and awareness, though, the rate of injuries and deaths from high-impact crashes would decrease.

The dangers of highway driving are not always obvious - in many cases, nearby drivers may seem to be in control at one moment, when in fact they are engaging in risky behavior behind the wheel. Truck drivers, for instance, must cover long stretches of road over many consecutive hours, resulting in fatigue and lack of awareness. If a truck driver begins to doze off, it can have dire consequences on everyone nearby. Similarly, any driver who does not commit the proper attention or focus while driving on the highway can begin to drift into other lanes or fail to notice approaching road hazards. It’s easy to gain a false sense of security when driving long distances on a relatively straight road, leading to small mistakes that result in life-changing damage.

State-wide Accidents

California’s geography, population, and city placement result in a high demand for highway use. In turn, the number and severity of accidents are relatively high: California has the second highest number of fatal crashes in the country. In 2012, nearly 3,000 people were killed in auto accidents, with an additional 226,544 injured.

These statistics do not just affect drivers, however. In 2010, 511 passengers were killed were killed in crashes - roughly half of all vehicular deaths. Moreover, cars constituted less than half of fatal crashes, with over a third of the vehicles being trucks and another 18 percent being motorcycles. Due to the damage that a truck may incur, and the ease at which motorcycle drivers can become injured, it’s clear how a highway accident can be so unforgiving.

Compensation for Accidents

A high-speed accident can result in numerous damages, many of which can have life-changing implications. If drivers or passengers survive a crash, they may still sustain injuries that permanently impact their quality of life. Spinal injuries, brain damage, broken limbs, and severe bodily trauma can affect one’s mobility or even mentality, indefinitely. Even aside from property damage, the financial consequences from such an accident can be unimaginably steep: medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages from work, and the inability to work are just a few common financial consequences. If a loved one is killed, burial costs and lost income are also substantial.

When an accident is not your fault, and especially when the damage is extensive, you deserve as much compensation as possible. By examining the nature of the accident and its aftermath, we can help prove that someone else’s negligence is to blame. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can begin building evidence on your behalf, ultimately giving you the legal leverage to be compensated for your losses.

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