Lawsuits for Auto Accidents Caused by Defective Brakes By Sean Burke on June 28, 2015

The aftermath of a serious car accidentAt the Law Offices of Sean M. Burke, we always ensure that clients understand their legal options. This focus on the client and what is in his or her best interest is what has made us one of the leading personal injury law firms in Orange County.

With so many cars on the road, auto accidents and lawsuits for motor vehicle collisions are relatively commonplace. When auto makers are responsible for an accident occurring, consumers injured by vehicle defects should speak to our team about their legal options.

Brake Problems Always Have to Be Taken Seriously

Any time that an auto part does not function properly, it can pose a danger to a consumer. This is especially true when it comes to brakes. Even if it means an extra second or an extra few feet of stopping time, that could make all the difference between life and death. If brakes fail catastrophically, that means non-collisions or minor fender benders could turn into serious and life-changing accidents.

With brake malfunctions of any kind, serious rear-end and t-bone auto accidents are more likely. That's why you should get your vehicle regularly serviced and have your brakes and brake fluid checked as well.

A Danger to Bicyclists and Pedestrians

In addition to posing a number of dangers to motorists, brake defects also pose dangers to people who share the road. Bicyclists who are involved in serious accidents and pedestrians who are struck by cars are especially vulnerable to injury, and in cases of brake defects, these types of accidents could prove deadly.

Brake Problems Caused by Design Defects in Vehicles

Some cases of brake defects are the result of flaws in the vehicle design. In such cases, the brake pedal may not be working properly, or there is a signal delay from the pedal to the brake mechanism. Other flaws in design could similarly have an impact on a vehicle's ability to stop in time.

Issues with Brake Components and Parts

In other situations, the issue is the brake pads or other parts of the braking system. If these malfunction, similar issues with stopping distance and stopping time may occur. It's very important that you have all brake components checked each time you have your vehicle serviced.

How Auto Companies Can Ensure Vehicle Safety

Vehicle manufacturer and auto part companies need to have strict safety standards in place to help prevent serious injuries from occurring as a result of negligence. In addition, it's imperative that these companies consider how any issues of design may result in serious injuries and issue recalls for defective cars or brake components as soon as possible.

How Product Liability Attorneys Can Help Accident Victims

When companies fail to act responsibly and injure consumers in the process, it's important to have skilled legal experts on your side. Our attorneys will not be intimidated by corporate interests or big business. In filing a product liability lawsuit, you will send a message to companies everywhere that the lives of consumers are more valuable than a business' bottom line.

Learn More About Your Legal Options After an Auto Accident

For information on your legal rights after a serious auto accident, be sure to contact our personal injury law firm today. The team here at the Law Offices of Sean M. Burke look forward to your visit and helping you receive just compensation for injuries and other losses.

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