The Deadliness of Rollover Auto Accidents By Sean Burke on July 16, 2015

The aftermath of a vehicle rollover accidentInjury victims throughout Orange County turn to the lawyers at The Law Offices of Sean M. Burke because of their legal experience and strong reputation of quality legal counsel. This is crucial in lawsuits involving major auto accidents that cause injury and death.

Rollover auto accidents are among the most serious kinds of motor vehicle collisions. Let's look at the basics of rollovers and consider why this is the case.

About Rollover Auto Accidents

A rollover accident refers to collisions in which a vehicle has been turned over onto its side or all the way over onto its own roof. There are two types of rollovers that may occur: tripped and untripped. Let's explain the differences between the two types.

  • Tripped Rollover Accidents – This refers to an external force acting on the vehicle, turning it over. One example of this is another vehicle striking a vehicle on its side and forcing it to turn over. Another example is a vehicle accidentally sliding toward a dip or a ditch, causing a shift in weight to one side of the vehicle and causing a subsequent rollover.

  • Untripped Rollover Accidents – This refers to a destabilizing force created by the vehicle itself resulting in the vehicle's turning over. One example of this is a sudden jerk of the steering wheel that causes a vehicle to lose traction, slide onto two wheels, and rollover in the process.

Common Causes of Rollover Auto Accidents

While tripped and untripped rollover accidents have their own unique causes, the primary issue with rollover auto accidents has everything to do with the higher center of gravity of the vehicle. When the center of gravity is higher on a vehicle, it makes rolling over more likely.

Sometimes the design of a vehicle can make the center of gravity higher. In such cases, a narrow axle track, high center mass, or a sensitive steering system may lead to issues with center of gravity and vehicle stability.

Vehicles More Prone to Rolling Over

While all vehicles on the road may potentially be involved in a rollover auto accident, these three kinds of vehicles have shown a greater likelihood of rolling over:

  • Sports utility vehicles (SUVs)
  • Vans and minivans
  • Pickup trucks

Owners of any of the above vehicles should be extra careful when it comes to taking turns given the higher center of gravity and the potential of a rollover.

The Dangers of Rollover Auto Accidents

When a rollover accident occurs, the occupants of a vehicle are subject to tremendous force exerted upon them from the collision and impact of the crash. Broken glasses can cause major lacerations, for example, and the damage to the side of the vehicle can cause the chassis to bow inward, making broken bones and serious internal injuries more likely.

If the vehicle rolls onto its own roof, the roof may collapse inward onto the driver and passengers. This is known as a roof crush accident, and there is a very high likelihood of disabling injuries and even fatal injury in such types of accidents.

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