Wet Floors Can Cause Serious Slip and Fall Accidents By Sean Burke on September 18, 2015

A wet floor signHere at The Law Offices of Sean M. Burke, we take all instances of negligence seriously. Our commitment to the injured and their loved ones has made us one of the leading personal injury law firms in Orange County.

A number of clients seek our help following serious injuries that were sustained as a result of a preventable slip and fall accident at a business or establishment of some kind. Let's consider these matters right now, and look at what property owners can be expected to do in order to prevent these kinds of mishaps from occurring.

Slipping Hazards at Any Establishment Need to Be Taken Seriously

Whether it's a supermarket, a convenience store, a hotel, a hospital, or a convention center, property owners and the management need to take all slipping hazards seriously. This is especially true when it comes to liquids on the floor. This may be from items at the premises, or could be the result of a spill by customer/visitor. Whatever the case, being attentive about any potential hazards that cause injury is very important.

Property Owners Should Mark Wet Floors as a Warning

If there is liquid on the ground, it's important that it is marked by a wet floor sign of some kind. This will warn people in the area that there is a potential slipping hazard and keep them clear from any danger. Basic caution and precaution such as this can go a long way toward preventing injury. If property owners fail to consider simple steps such as this, there may be ground for a premises liability lawsuit.

Wet Floors Should Be Cleaned and Dried ASAP

A sign isn't enough on its own. Once the wet floor has been marked as such, employees should then clean the spill and dry the area. This will prevent potential slips and falls from occurring as a result of residual moisture.

Employees Should Monitor Floors for Potential Spills and Slipping Hazards

Employees are often out on the floor stocking shelves, tending to customers and visitors, or going about their usual work duties. It's important that these employees also keep their eyes open for potential spills and liquids on the ground. This attentiveness will help prevent potential accidents and is simply a good way to ensure that any hazards are cleaned and addressed as soon as possible.

Take Precautions on Rainy Days

Rain is a rarity in California, and we could sure use some given the drought. If there is rain, it poses several potential dangers for business and properties of various kinds because of moisture coming into the establishment. In addition, rain can also reveal leaks that lead to possible slipping hazards, among other kinds of dangers.

When there are rainy days in California, it's important that establishments place absorbent mats by the entryways. This will help remove a lot of moisture from people's shoes as they walk from the outdoors inside. An umbrella bag or an umbrella basket of some kind is also helpful to consider.

As a precaution, it may also be ideal for an employee to periodically run a dry dust mop along walkways to remove any dips or trace amounts of rain that may be tracked in.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal options following a serious slip and fall injury, it's important that you contact our personal injury law firm today. The entire team at The Law Offices of Sean M. Burke will fight diligently for you and your legal rights.

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