Brain Injury Causes: Dealing with Head Trauma By Sean Burke on November 16, 2015

The human brainWhen clients come to The Law Offices of Sean M. Burke, they know that they are partnering with a skilled and dedicated attorney. Serving Orange County, the law firm offers legal representation in personal injury lawsuits, with a focus on sound litigation and successful resolutions.

This commitment to clients and their loved ones is essential for brain injury litigation given the fallout of such injuries.

About Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can vary in terms of their severity and overall impact on your quality of life. In a number of cases, brain injuries can result in significant changes to you cognitive abilities, mood, and even your motor skills. That's why all kinds of head trauma needs to be taken seriously, and why you should always visit a doctor following a severe injury that involves a blow or severe impact to the head.

With that in mind, let's consider some of the common causes of brain injuries.

Auto Accidents and Motor Vehicle Collisions

Whether you're in a car or on a motorcycle, collisions with other vehicles can result in severe trauma to the face and head, resulting in concussions and other kinds of serious damage to the brain. These injuries can be even more serious if you are a bicyclist or a pedestrian who is struck by a motor vehicle.

Injuries at the Workplace

People who work in construction or at industrial sites run a serious risk of head injuries. Falling objects, errant objects, or even major falls can lead to severe head trauma. In some cases, not even wearing a hard hat may be enough to prevent some degree of brain injury or trauma.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Major slips and falls can cause brain injuries and brain damage if you are not careful. This goes for spills down stairs, falls off a roof, or other instances in which a drop results in impact to your head. In such cases, the property owners may be negligent and contributed to the occurrence of your accident in some fashion.

Contact and Combat Sports

Contact sports and combat spots can be brutal, resulting in major injuries even if you are wearing helmets and protective gear. That goes for football and hockey just as much as it does for boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). Brain injuries can even occur in physical sports that aren't necessarily contact sports, like basketball and soccer.

Physical Altercations

If you are the victim of a attack or involved in a fight, any blows to the face and head can potentially result in injuries and trauma to your brain. A severe physical altercation can cause you to experience a number of serious issues with cognition and motor skills.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

If you have been injured in some fashion that harms your brain tissue and this incident was due to another person/party's negligence, an attorney can help hold that person or party accountable. We will fight to ensure you receive damages that cover the cost of medical care, expenses, and losses associated with your injury.

Learn More About Your Legal Options in Brain Injury Cases

For more information about your legal options following a serious brain injury, it's important that you contact our team of personal injury attorneys today. The team at The Law Offices of Sean M. Burke will work with your in your time of legal need.

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