What You Need to Know about Paraplegia Lawsuits By Sean Burke on December 17, 2015

A paraplegia victim in a wheelchairSpinal cord injuries of any type are among the most devastating injuries that a person can suffer. They rob a person of his or her quality of life and present a never-ending series of physical, emotional, and financial hardship. While every spinal cord injury has the potential to be overwhelming to both the victim and his or her family, paraplegia is a particularly tragic outcome from an accident, especially when that accident is the result of someone else’s negligent or deliberately wrongful actions.

If you or a member of your family is now paraplegic due to the negligence of someone else, personal injury attorney Sean M. Burke can help to ensure that your rights are properly asserted. He has successfully handled paraplegia lawsuits in courts throughout Orange County, CA arising from all types of accidents. He has the resources, experience, and pure tenacity to win even the most complex paraplegia cases.

While nothing can make up for the loss of health and quality of life suffered by paraplegia victims, financial compensation can at least help to cover the substantial and unexpected medical care expenses that arise in the aftermath of a spinal cord injury. We urge you to arrange for an evaluation of your paraplegia case today.

Damages in Paraplegia Lawsuits

Paraplegia is classified as a complete spinal cord injury, which means that victims lose the use of their entire bodies at and below the point of the injury to their spines except for their arms and hands. They lose all feeling and ability to move at and below the point of spinal damage. As a result, paraplegics typically require a lifetime of expensive medical and personal care.

Although unanticipated expenses related to an injured victim’s paraplegia may arise in the future, that victim has only one opportunity to seek damages through the court system as regards the accident that caused the injury. As a result, it is very important that the victim hire a lawyer who is skilled not only at winning paraplegia cases, but also at identifying the full measure of damages to which the victim is entitled. If the lawyer does not identify those damages at the time of the lawsuit, the victim cannot seek them at a later date.

Sean M. Burke uses all of the resources at his disposal, including medical and other expert witnesses, to demonstrate that paraplegia victims are entitled not only to their current losses and expenses, but also to losses and expenses that can reasonably be projected into the future. While there is no way to forecast what types of damages you might be entitled to without first evaluating your case, paraplegia victims are often able to recover compensation for:

  • Current and future medical, hospital, and doctor’s bills
  • Current and future home and personal care expenses
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Current and future rehabilitation and occupational therapy expense

Arrange for an Evaluation of Your Paraplegia Case

To arrange for an evaluation of your paraplegia case, please contact the Law Offices of Sean M. Burke today.

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