Concrete Pump Truck Accidents: Dangers in Construction By Sean Burke on August 23, 2018

Concrete trucks on the roadConcrete pump trucks are an essential part of many building construction and road construction jobs. They help get concrete where it needs to go, and can transport prepared concrete hundred of feet into the air for use. It should come as no surprise that these vehicles can cause a number of serous injuries and accidents. That’s where our Orange County, CA attorneys can help.

When auto accidents harm motorists, pedestrians, or construction workers, injury victims can turn to the lawyers of Burke Law. We’d like to consider some of the hazards posed by concrete pump trucks and how our legal team can help with litigation.

Concrete Pump Trucks and Multi-Car Collisions

Concrete pump trucks are large vehicles. When they are on the road transporting concrete, they could be involved in collisions with multiple vehicles. Where more than one vehicle is involved in an accident, the risk of serious injuries and property damage increases a great deal. The chances of fatal injuries being sustained is high, especially given the amount of force involved in a crash with such a big vehicle.

Vehicle Accidents Across Multiple Lanes

When a concrete pump truck is involved in a crash, it may take up multiple lanes of traffic. Not only does this increase the risk of a multi-vehicle collision with the concrete pump truck, it also increases the risks of causing other accidents well behind it on the road. Traffic can back up, and other vehicles outside the immediate vicinity of the concrete pump truck could wind up colliding with other vehicles.

Issues with the Concrete Truck Boom

When concrete pump truck are not in motion, the boom on these vehicles pose a number of hazards. The boom is the crane mechanism that extends high into the air, allowing the pump to access higher structures and deliver concrete to workers. Sometimes these booms collapse or malfunction. When the boom fails, it can injure anyone in the vicinity of the concrete pump truck, including workers on the ground, workers on a raised structure, and the driver/operator of the vehicle.

Hazards to Construction Workers

Construction workers are often the victims of serious injuries involving concrete pump trucks. This is particularly true of boom-related accidents, though vehicle crashes on construction sites can also occur, resulting in severe injuries.

Dangers to Motorists and Pedestrians

Drivers on the road may be seriously harmed by concrete pump trucks, experiencing catastrophic injuries if there is a crash. Pedestrians and anyone near a collapsing boom can also be crushed or otherwise harmed as a result of this equipment failure.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Whether you are a worker or a bystander, you should consult with our lawyers in the event of a concrete pump truck accident. We can determine the ideal legal action to take, and who should be held liable for the incident that occurred. We will provide much needed peace of mind in these cases.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal rights and options following a serious construction accident, be sure to contact our team of injury accident attorneys. Our lawyers are here to help you in your time of legal need. Our law firm can also be reached by phone at (949) 644-3434.

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