How Much Is a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit Worth? By Sean Burke on May 17, 2020

Digital image of the spinal cordPersonal injury can result in significant losses for injury victims. If a lawsuit is filed, it is important that all types of damages be accounted for when seeking an appropriate settlement or reward. Since all injuries affect people differently, the worth of a personal injury lawsuit can vary greatly.

Spinal cord injury cases may be worth more than those involving other types of injuries because they can result in serious, long-term consequences. While the worth of a spinal cord injury lawsuit tends to be high, it is also dependent on various factors. Spinal cord injury lawyer Sean M. Burke can help his Irvine, CA, clients determine the potential value of their lawsuit.

Medical and Life Care Costs

One source of loss that plays a big part in determining the worth of a spinal cord injury lawsuit is medical expenses. A spinal cord injury damages the nerves that are essential to feeling and movement along the back and into the extremities. When this type of injury occurs, the victim will require immediate medical treatment. All costs of injury treatment should be included in a personal injury settlement.

In addition to the cost of past medical expenses, spinal cord injury victims may be due compensation for future expenses, including life care costs. If an injury causes long-term or lifelong damages, these costs can be significant. Potential life care costs include the expense of ongoing medical services, medical devices and equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and a full or part-time medical attendant.

Lost Wages

Because spinal cord injuries have such an impact on a person’s physical functions, most of our Irvine clients require time off work while they recover and seek treatment for their injuries. Any income that is lost as a result of a spinal cord injury is considered when calculating the worth of a personal injury lawsuit.

A loss of wage-earning potential can also increase the worth of a spinal cord injury lawsuit. Long-term injuries can compromise a person’s ability to perform basic job functions, which may leave them unable to return to work, or in need of a different line of work that may not bring in as much income. Any decrease in earning potential will be accounted for when determining injury damages.

Pain and Suffering

Non-financial losses that impact the worth of a spinal cord injury lawsuit include pain and suffering and diminished quality of life. The more severe that an injury is, the greater impact it will have on a person’s way of life. We consider the emotional and physical pain that our Irvine clients suffer, as well as the degree to which their daily way of life is altered, when calculating the worth of non-financial losses.

Final Damages

The final damages of a spinal cord injury are determined by adding up the value of each type of loss. Although the worth of a spinal cord injury lawsuit can vary greatly from one client to the next, damages are often steep. It is not unusual for spinal cord injury lawsuits to result in a settlement or rewards in excess of one million dollars.

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