Liability in Store Injury Lawsuits By Sean Burke on December 12, 2020

inside of a warehouse club storeWhen we go to a store of any kind, we expect to be able to shop safely. Sadly, accidents at retailers are common, with all kinds of preventable injuries occurring in stores as well as in parking lots and parking structures. When such accidents occur in the Irvine, CA, area, a personal injury attorney at Burke Argos can help hold negligent retailers accountable.

Our lawyers would like to look at what causes accidents at brick and mortar establishments, and then consider who is liable for injuries in stores. Proving negligence and liability can be complicated in these cases, which is why it’s important to have an attorney on your side.

Common Causes of Store Accidents

Some of the most common causes of accidents in stores include:

  • Wet Floors - Whether from a spilled product or rain tracked into a property, wet floors are a major slipping hazard.
  • Debris on the Floor - Any objects on the ground are a potential tripping or slipping hazard.
  • Sharp Edges and Shelves - Jagged or sharp edges along shelves or countertops could lead to cuts.
  • Falling Objects - Items that are precariously placed on high shelves could fall and strike a shopper, causing serious harm.
  • Poor Lighting - Poor lighting in a store or around the premises could contribute to a customer falling or being otherwise injured.
  • Stray Wires and Cords - Extension cords left lying around are a major tripping or slipping hazard. In addition, exposed wiring could lead to electrocution.
  • Poor Building Maintenance - A building that is not up to code or in a state of disrepair may be inherently dangerous to shoppers as well as employees.

Determining Liability for Store Injuries

When determining legal liability during a store injury, it’s important to consider the store owner’s duty of care and if negligence played a role in the incident.

  • Duty of Care - Duty of care means that the store owner and/or employees will take reasonable care to keep customers safe. That may mean actions as simple as wiping up spills promptly, keeping the premises properly maintained, and keeping the shopping area clean.
  • Negligence - Negligence means that the store owner breached their duty of care and failed to protect customers on the premises. Negligence can take many forms, from failing to clear debris from an aisle or walkway to avoiding necessary repairs to a building or store space.

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

When you visit our Irvine law firm for a consultation, our attorneys will go over what happened in detail. We will assess the circumstances of the store accident, and note any instances in which negligence contributed to the incident and the injuries you sustained.

Legal Damages for Retail Injury Accident

When filing a lawsuit against a retailer, compensatory damages will be sought to cover financial losses related to the accident. This includes medical bills, property damage, and lost wages or earning potential for your injuries. In addition, punitive damages may be awarded in particularly egregious instances of negligence.

Keep in mind that not all personal injury cases will go to court. Our attorneys will help negotiate a fair pre-trial settlement that takes into account all of the hardships you’ve faced following the accident at the store.

Contact the Attorneys of Burke Argos

If you live in the Irvine area and have been injured due to negligence by a retailer, our attorneys can help you. We encourage you to contact our personal injury lawyers online or call our law firm at (949) 644-3434.

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