Insurance Litigation Lawyer Orange County


An insurance litigation lawyer with our Orange County firm can help you if your insurance company has unjustly denied the care you need.

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One of the things that we see oftentimes is that people's insurance companies refuse to allow them to get the care that they need. This care might be recommended by a particular doctor, but the insurance turns it down, whether it's a test, whether it's a certain type of therapy, whether it's a certain type of treatment that they need for their particular condition. Under those circumstances, that is a breach of the agreement that the insurance company has with the patient and with their insured, and the insured of course, has paid their premiums all this time. They expect to be covered. They expect that the insurance company is going to take care of them. When they don't do that, however, it falls into an area of what we call insurance bad faith. If we can show that in fact that the insurance company acted in bad faith, not only can we get the benefit of the bark and the benefit of the contract, and the treatment that you're supposed to get, but you can also get punitive damages against the insurance company for acting in bad faith. They're not living up to the obligations that they said they would do as a result of your paying your premiums for all that time.

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