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Birth injury cases are among the most tragic types of personal injury cases. When doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers fail to meet their duty of care during the prenatal or delivery stages of childbirth, the effects can be catastrophic. The attorneys at Burke Argos help families affected by birth injury recover the compensation they need to cover the long-term costs of a birth injury.

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One of the most tragic types of cases that we handle are birth injury cases. And birth injury cases typically occur when the nurses or the doctors are not paying close enough attention to the mother during the prenatal period, running up to the time when she gives birth. When that starts to happen, then a C-section can be performed. And many, many injuries can be avoided, if a C-section is done. We've handled a number of these kinds of cases over the years. They can be just devastating injuries. They can change the entire dynamics of a family, how they relate to each other, having to take care of a young child who has suffered permanent, lifelong injuries as a result of a doctor's or nurse's negligence. A lot of young families become devastated when something like this occurs. Those are the kind of cases where we really look forward to helping those families to navigate all the things that they have to get through to get the best care for their child, to get the best resources to take care of those kids as they get older, and to help the family themselves in taking care of them on a week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year basis.

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