Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Orange County


A motor vehicle accident lawyer with our Orange County firm can help you secure the compensation you deserve if you have been in a collision.

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Well, we're all aware that auto accidents happen every day on the road, and some of those accidents are quite minor, a little fender bender. Surprisingly, even a minor accident can cause some serious physical problems. It can jostle the brain. It can cause cognitive problems, too. Then of course, are the more serious accidents. These scenarios happen very suddenly in our lives and we're just driving home from work, or driving home from school or wherever and suddenly our life has been significantly changed, sometimes by a car accident. We do handle car accident cases at the Law Offices of Sean Burke, and we hire experts to evaluate more complicated car accidents and medical experts to evaluate the medical injuries associated with those car accidents. The potential clients can be very helpful to us in collecting their medical records, collecting any bills associated with out of pocket expenses, and notifying us of any and all communications with an insurance carrier for instance, that has contacted them. I think its best though, to not enter into an agreement with insurance carriers until they've sought legal advice, and so those calls are calls that should be made earlier than later. Well, I think it's important to seek out an auto accident attorney, because there are types of damages or compensation, that someone without a legal degree doesn't know about.

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