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The diagnosis of cerebral palsy can be made at different times during a baby's first year of life usually. It might be early on, as in the fifth, the sixth month of life. Parents and pediatricians are looking to see if those babies reach their milestones. There are muscle tone issues, but eventually, unfortunately for so many, those babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The cause of cerebral palsy needs to be determined by medical experts. Oxygen deprivation can be one cause of cerebral palsy, and that oxygen deprivation can occur during the labor and delivery process. Cerebral palsy can also be caused by jaundice, there is a condition called hyperbilirubinemia, where usually the first week or two of a little newborn baby's life they could start turning yellow. When that bilirubin level gets too high in the baby's blood, it can crossover to the brain. It can go through the brain barrier, and actually stain the brain, and cause damage to the brain which may result in cerebral palsy, and also other serious both cognitive and physical injuries. There can be a number of causes for cerebral palsy, and again, it is our role to evaluate the cause of the cerebral palsy or other birth injuries, to determine if there is a link there between malpractice and the resulting cerebral palsy.

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