Statute of Limitations Orange County


The statute of limitations places strict time limits on when our Orange County attorneys can help you.

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Statute of limitations applies to every situation in which a person wants to file a lawsuit and the statute of limitations, basically says that a lawsuit has to be filed by a certain date, within a certain period of time after the injury has occurred. They vary in California from six months all the way up to four years, depending on the type of case, depending on who the defendant is, depending on what the incident was that caused the injury. Generally speaking, in most auto accident cases or personal injury cases, the statute of limitations is two years. In medical malpractice cases however, it's only one year and any cases that involve a governmental entity, or if the person was treated at a particular type of hospital that falls into what we call a California Hospital District, it can be six months. So they're very complicated laws, and it really depends on what the injury was, and who the person was that caused the injury, and of course, like everything else, to every statute of limitations there are a number of exceptions. So many times, even though the standard-type vehicle statute of limitation has been exceeded, we can sometimes get past it based on one of the exceptions. Because the statute of limitations can be very complicated, it's important that if you've been injured, whether in an auto accident, whether as a result of medical malpractice or as a result of nursing home elder abuse, it's important to seek the advice of a professional, who deals with these things all the time. Many times insurance companies might lead you along and lead you along, to the point where all of the sudden, you're past the statute of limitations, so it's important if you have an injury, whether you come to our firm or some other firm, get advice on the statute of limitations before it's too late.

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